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Par Margaret Kemp

“The world has never seen a traditional afternoon tea presented with a pickle-infused twist, which was all the more reason to make it”, explains Meredith O’Shaughnessy, the famous “pop-up” diva who created the world’s first avocado pop-up!   

“I wanted to bring something unique and unexpected together and know this limited-edition foodie experience will delight tastebuds. London has always been a city of gastronomic adventure and is the perfect location to salute the City of London’s famous building The Gherkin Skyscraper! I’m so excited to encourage people’s passion for a good gherkin!” laughs Ms O’Shaughnessy.

 Launching on Sunday April 23, 2023, for a limited run, the first ‘Pickle Themed Afternoon Tea’ celebrates the brilliance of “the world's most underrated food” with an afternoon tea for adventurous gastronomes to experience pickle-based cocktails and pickle themed live entertainment.

Often relegated to the role of mere burger garnish, the humble pickle is a source of antioxidants, including vitamin C and E whose juice can help lower blood sugar spikes in healthy adults and which athletes have been known to drink as a source of sodium to treat muscle cramps.

“I love playing around with people’s perceptions of humble food. While taking a pickle and elevating it to the focus of a high-tea experience may leave some people perplexed, every bite will be dill-icious.”  promises Ms O’Shaughnessy, who has created inventive themes for the likes of Google, Manolo Blahnik, Vivienne Westwood and at The Savoy Hotel, London, The Rosewood, Burlington Arcade etc.
The delicious and daring menu includes:
Sweet: Pickle-shaped Dill and Lemon Macaron:
Gherkin Shaped Pineapple and Dill Pickle Mini Cake: 
Pickled Jelly Trifle: 
Dill Pickle Cupcake Bite: White Chocolate and Dill Pickle Mini Donut: 
Dark Chocolate Dipped Dill Pickle: 
Dill Pickle and Goats Cheese Finger Sandwiches : Smoked Salmon and Dill Pickle Cream Cheese: Bloody Mary Parmesan Palmiers: Pickled Devilled Eggs 
English Scones: Buttermilk with Pickled Strawberry Conserve & Clotted Cream Mocktails: Pickled Ginger Beer: Pineapple Pickled Tonic 
Cocktails :
Bloody Mary Lite 
Dill Cucumber and Rhubarb Gin Fizz – Oh la la! 

There’s pickle themed entertainment inspired by the 1920’s inspired Vaudeville Group, the Pickle Sisters, and, of course, pickle themed photo opportunities!

The afternoon tea is a collaboration with Oh La La! Macarons, the luxury London patisserie, created in 2013, and is the first of a series of experiences celebrating the food we love by creating unique signature menus around speciality ingredients at different  addresses in the UK.

Tickets are £80 p/p for the full afternoon tea menu as well as a pickle/cornichon cocktail or mocktail, on arrival, and a jar of pickles to take home!

To buy tickets: www.thedelightproject.com  
Pickle/Cornichon Pop-Up Afternoon Tea dates: 
Sunday April 23rd, 2023 - Sunday April 30  - Sunday May 7  - Sunday May 14 from 12:30pm – 5:00pm –
See you there! Les Cornichons – c’est chic!

Address: Oh La La! Macarons, 5 Kirby Street London
T: + 44 0207 831 1035


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