Café Germain

Par Margaret Kemp

Germain Saint-Germain-des-Pres, is the neo-brasserie, created by Costes, located in the former Arbuci.

The wild and daring décor is by India Mahdavi with an outsize yellow sculpture beginning on the ground floor bar/restaurant and continuing up through the ceiling into the VIP room which has a pink billiard table and many covetable signature pieces by Mahdavi.

Drop by for breakfast, lunch, afternoon smoothies, cocktails and dinner. The Milk Bar serves shakes all day, and where else in Paris will you find Lassi?

Salads include lobster (28€) Californienne (14€) Chicken and parmesan (11€) Spaghetti "Bolo" minute (12€) Biryani crevettes (18€) or just a plate of chips, fleur de sel.

The staff are welcoming, the clientele a mix of local artists, euro-trash and bling: you need to go there ASAP, it's very exciting.

Germain - 25-27 rue de Buci - 75005 Paris -

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